Multnomah county appliance Repair

Appliance Repair in Multnomah County

When you need a dependable appliance repair service, you want to be able to access it immediately. For appliance repair in Multnomah County  that you can count on in your time of need, consider our company. We understand that the longer you have to wait for repairs, the more disrupted your life will be. Our team will offer honest information about your broken appliances so that you can decide whether to repair or replace them.

Finding the right place for appliance repair in Multnomah County does not need to be difficult. Call us as soon as you have an issue with one of your appliances, including microwaves. We want to help get you back to your routine. Broken appliances can also be a safety hazard, and we urge you not to wait for an issue to grow. We take care of a variety of services, from microwave repair to other appliance repairs.

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Multnomah county microwave repair

Microwave Repair in Multnomah county

Many people use the microwave oven in their home every day, whether to heat meals, thaw meat, or melt butter. This frequent use can lead to multiple issues over time. If your microwave oven is not turning on or heating food properly, there may be a problem with a fuse or other component. One of our trained technicians will assess the situation thoroughly before suggesting any repair. Sometimes a capacitor, diode, magnetron, or fuse will need to be replaced with a new part.

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Refrigerator and Other Repair Services in multnomah county

Our team also works hard to provide a broad catalog of appliance repair in Multnomah County When your refrigerator starts acting up, we have ways to pinpoint the problem and fix it. We also deal with the many moving parts of dishwashers, washing machines, and garbage disposals. If you want to know more about which appliances we are comfortable taking care of, we are here to help. We take care of a lot of different brands. Do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure if we repair a particular appliance or a specific brand.

Reliable and Honest Services in mulnomah county

We will be open and upfront with you about your options. If a repair does not seem possible with the condition of your appliance, we will let you know. We strive to offer long-lasting repairs when we can for all our customers. We will show up at your home with everything we need to get a job done efficiently and effectively.


"He was just awesome service. the staff was very friendly. thank you. Highly recommended"
Donald Hunter
"I was really satisfied with the crew's work, will definitely be contacting them again"
Mike Hughes
"He was just awesome service. the staff was very friendly. thank you. Highly recommended"

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